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Keto Friendly Cookies: TOP 6 Low Carb Cookies To Buy!

Cookies are easily one of the top guilty pleasures that people turn to when they are craving sweets. This is especially the case for those of us on low carb and keto diets. And when you whip out that box of cookies, it can easily turn into a Cookie Monster situation, right? Well, you could scour the net for some (hopefully) good recipes for keto friendly cookies. Then, you could buy a ton of ingredients you probably don’t have (We…

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Top 7 Keto Jelly Brands & Low Carb Jams

Jelly is one of those foods you don’t realize you miss until you can’t have it. Like when you are craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or you’re out for breakfast and you’re thinking about going to town on some jam with buttered toast. You need keto jelly.   Go to any diner in America for breakfast and you’ll likely find a mountain of assorted spreadable jellies for your enjoyment. But these are certainly not low carb jelly options….

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The Top 7 Keto Friendly Sweeteners (and what to watch out for!)

Sugar has been a pretty hot topic recently. The conversation is chock full of conspiracy about corrupt politics and corporate-funded scientific research used to skew public perception. There’s enough drama to make your favorite TV show blush. Suffice it say, sugar is unpopular in many corners, which is what led us to seek out alternative keto friendly sweeteners.   What should we use instead of sugar? While there are plenty of sugar substitutes on the market, not all of them…

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Best Keto Bars: TOP 4 Keto Meat Sticks

Meaty Keto Bars – Meat snacks – Meat bars – Manly man bars– whatever you want to call them, this category’s players are all basically New Age, Low Carb Slim Jim keto bars. Heading to the gym, traveling, hiking, or just lounging, these are an easy, convenient, and LOW CARB snack to have close by! These best keto meat sticks are some of our go-to snacks because they are so portable. Even more, they don’t have to be refrigerated and…