You can find white chocolate in some of the most decadent desserts out there. We’re talking about things like white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and white chocolate covered strawberries. It’s one of those foods you think just could never be low carb and keto-friendly, OR you’d have to make it yourself (who has time for that?). Yet, we were able to find keto white chocolate (and you don’t have to make it!).

You could mess around with some homemade recipes, but making high-quality chocolate at home can be a tall task (and who wants to settle when it comes to deliciousness?). That’s why this keto white chocolate bar that you can buy online is a game changer! And, while there are a bunch of amazing low carb milk and dark chocolate options out there, this is the only keto white chocolate we’ve found.


keto white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

Is white chocolate keto friendly?

In this case, yes. Typically, there is too much sugar in white chocolate to make it keto-friendly. However, Chocolat Stella’s White Chocolate contains only 3g of sugar per serving (all coming from the whole milk powder). That’s the only source of net effective carbohydrates in the whole bar!


Chocolat Stella Keto White Chocolate


The taste and texture are absolutely delightful with a creamy, rich sweetness. That’s because it is made by a Swiss chocolatier that has been in business for almost 100 years. They know what they are doing and it results in a remarkable creaminess that we haven’t seen in any other low carb chocolate. The real vanilla pods add a rich flavor that is just as good as any other premium white chocolate out there.



The main sweetener used is lactitol.

Lactitol is a sugar alcohol that has a glycemic index of 3, which is essentially negligible. For reference, xylitol– another widely used low glycemic alternative sweetener– has a glycemic index of 12.

In theory, there is a potential for a laxative effect, but we’ve tested by eating a half bar at one sitting without any issues (and so has our family 😀 ) but it’s good to be aware.

Like we stated above, the 3g net carbs per serving comes from the naturally occurring sugar in the whole milk powder. The whole milk powder is the key ingredient, adding a touch of lasting sweetness along with a creamier texture and richer flavor.

The last tiny bit of sweetness comes from acesulfame K and aspartame (the ingredients of Sweet ‘N Low and Equal, respectively). However, the manufacturer lists the aspartame and acesulfame K content at less than 1g out of the 100g bar (0.6%). So, it’s not a significant part of the formulation in any way but is important for phenylketonurics who are sensitive to aspartame.


No Fake Fibers

Many low carb chocolates utilize questionable fibers. This keto white chocolate does not. Chocolat Stella uses inulin (GI of 0), which is an FDA-approved fiber derived from chicory root. That means, it acts as a prebiotic and does not have a negative impact on your blood glucose levels.

We love this keto white chocolate option and use it in a bunch of different recipes. And of course, it is perfect as a really decadent dessert on its own!


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keto white chocolate