keto five guys burgers no fries

Keto Five Guys Low Carb Guide

Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Perfect for when you want that greasy spoon diner type of burger. The menu is super simple, so we can easily find some keto Five Guys options. Fun fact: There are actually more low carb Five Guys ingredients than there are higher carb ingredients! How about that! The add-ons are awesome and will make you forget all about the bun. So let’s check out exactly which Five Guys items we can order that are low carb…

keto low carb red lobster

Low Carb Red Lobster Ordering Guide!

Yes, Red Lobster is known for their super-indulgent Lobsterfest. But, it’s really those infamous cheddar bay biscuits that will probably do you in. Still, as the name implies, the majority of Red Lobster’s menu is centered around seafood. And, luckily for us, seafood is mostly very low carb. That means we can create some really fancy low carb Red Lobster meals. Let’s start with the obvious question: Is lobster low carb? At 0g net carbs, it sure is. But it’s…

keto del taco

Keto Del Taco Guide: Your Low Carb Del Taco Options [2019]

For those of you lucky enough to have a Del Taco nearby, we are officially jealous. There aren’t any Del Taco locations in Texas anymore, but anytime we come across one on our travels, we have to stop by for some keto Del Taco offerings. Yes, a good portion of the menu is off-limits. But, you can get a lot of that familiar flavor with lower carbs if you order the right stuff. Note that we don’t have exact nutrition…

keto olive garden

Keto Olive Garden Guide: The Best Low Carb Olive Garden Orders!

Quick, what is the first menu item you think of when you think of Olive Garden? Odds are it’s going to be either the bottomless breadsticks or the never-ending pasta bowl. As you can probably guess, those definitely aren’t the low carb Olive Garden menu items. However, there are some keto Olive Garden options (and they don’t suck). Let’s take a look at our options! Now, you can argue all day about whether or not Olive Garden is real Italian…